As Chair of Duke University's Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies, I invite you to explore our website, with information on our faculty, graduate students, programs, and graduate and undergraduate curricula. The Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies, as its name implies, has three distinct parts: (1) the Visual Arts unit that is devoted to all aspects of the practice of the arts, (2) the History of Art unit, with its emphasis on the historical and theoretical study of art, and our most recent addition (3) Visual Studies, which enables students to study the increasing complexity of the visual age at the interface of the humanities, the social sciences, and the sciences.  All members of the Department are actively engaged in teaching and research as well as scholarly or artistic production.

Our faculty and students, undergraduate and graduate, are committed to international research, interdisciplinary courses, and the study of visual culture across geographic and historical categories.  Although founded in 1931, Duke University's Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies has taken its present shape within the last 20 years. Since 1986, the Department broadened its perspective by introducing courses in theory, methodology, and criticism; by attracting faculty specialists in African and African Diaspora, East Asian, and Latin American art histories in addition to our still-growing strengths in European and North American art, from ancient times to our contemporary world; and by interacting through interdisciplinary teaching, collaborative research and symposia with other departments and programs, such as African and African-American Studies, Economics, English, Women's Studies, the Center for Documentary Studies and the Center for French and Francophone Studies. Duke University is one of the only research universities with a Vice Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies, who fosters and facilitates such projects.

Our PhD Program in Art History, designed to be small and highly selective, has graduates who are currently working as university teachers, program coordinators, museum professionals, and postdoctoral fellows. Our 35 current graduate students, in various stages of their studies, have also distinguished themselves through publications, public lectures and internationally competitive fellowships; they comprise an intrinsic part of the Department's intellectual life, most notably in our annual Graduate Student Symposium.

We are very excited to be soliciting applications for the new Master of Fine Arts in Experimental & Documentary Arts, which will welcome its first class of students in 2011.  The MFAEDA is a joint program of the Department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies, the Center for Documentary Studies, and the Arts of the Moving Image Program.

Welcome to Art, Art History & Visual Studies at Duke!


Hans J. Van Miegroet
Chair and Professor of Art History


Hans Van Miegroet at the Rembrandt House Museum with a group of students participating in the Duke in Flanders summer program.