• Wed Apr 23
    • Indigeneity/De Coloniality/@RT
    • This exhibition brings together artists from across the Americas working under “decolonial creative practices,” which underline the limits of he conventional art world and offer possibilities of re-existence in contemporary settings across...

    • Wed Apr 23
    • FACULTY NEWS Palermo Lecture
    • Caroline Bruzelius, Anne M. Cogan Professor of Art History, presented “Frati, Architettura e citta nel Medioevo,” in the Department of Architecture, Doctoral Research, University of Palermo, on April 17, 2014...

    • Wed Apr 23
    • Performance Art
    • “Performance Art,” a 36,000-word annotated essay by Kristine Stiles, France Family Professor of Art, Art History and Visual Studies, has been published in the online Oxford Bibliographies. The “article offers a wide range of resources...

    • Wed Apr 23
    • John Taormina, director of the Visual Media Center, has been appointed the Visual Resources Association (VRA) Affiliate Representative to the Southeastern College art Conference (SECAC). VRA is a multi-disciplinary, international professional...

    • Wed Apr 23
    • Rotterdam Conference
    • Hans J. van Miegroet, professor and chair of Art, Art History & Visual Studies, spoke at the international conference, “Art on the Move: Artistic Exchange and Innovation in the Low Countries 1572-1700.” Van Miegroet presented “The Mechelen...

    • Wed Apr 23
    • Media Fields Journal
    • Doctoral student Michael Tauschinger-Dempsey published “Life in a Corporate Wonder-wasteland” in Media Fields Journal: Explorations in Media and Space (Issue 7, February 2014). Tauschinger-Dempsey discusses how, through his own...


April 2014