September 27 - 28, 2011

Artist Talk, “Original Copies,” September 28, Smith Warehouse Bay 4, C105, 1st Floor, FHI Garage, 6 PM, reception to follow.

Co-sponsord by the GreaterThanGamesLab, Franklin Humanities Institute, and the Program in Information Science + Information Studies.

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    • Photo Credit: aahvs

Postcards from Google Earth, Bridges
Google Earth, Postcards
6 x 4 inches each

Clement Valla is an artist and programmer interested in processes that produce unfamiliar artifacts and skew reality. Valla works within systems, applying a ‘programmed brain’ that pushes problem-solving logic to irrational ends. His recent work examines copies, repetition and reproduction markets—from Chinese 'Oil-Painting Factories' to drawings on Amazon's Mechanical Turk. This work explores the tension between individual creativity and the influence of systems and networks on the individual.

Valla received a BA from Columbia University in 2001, where he studied architecture. After working for architects in the United States, France, and China, Valla began using computers and digital technologies in his own work. He studied the intersection between art and computer programming at the Rhode Island School of Design's Digital+Media MFA program.

Immersed in Every Sense is supported by the Duke University Council for the Arts Visiting Artist Fund and the Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies Visiting Artist Fund.

    • Valla
    • Photo Credit: aahvs

Clement Valla

Adjunct Professor of Digital & Media, Rhode Island School of Design

Experimental art, socio-technical systems, human/computer relationships

Artist Talk, "Original Copies"

Co-sponsored by the GreaterThanGames Lab, the Franklin Humanities Institute, and the Program in Information Science + Information Studies as part of the Duke University Visiting Artist Series, "Immersed in Every Sense".
Introduction by Bill Seaman.