All Faculty


Professor of Art, Art History & Visual Studies

19th-20th Century European Art, Theory & Criticism

Professor of Archaeology

Classical Archaeology, Archaeology of Sicily, Comparative Coloniality

Anne M. Cogan Professor of Art History

Medieval Architecture & Sculpture, Gothic Architecture, Historical & Cultural Visualization

Professor of Art History and Classical Studies

Greek & Roman Sculpture & Classical Archaeology, Historical & Cultural Visualization

William and Sue Gross Professor of Classical Studies, and Professor of Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Digital archaeology, Roman archaeology, Etruscology, cybernetics, neuro-art, virtual heritage, serious games, virtual reality

Professor of Literature and Visual Studies

Critical theory & media studies, philosophy of new media, phenomenology, cognitive science

Professor of Art History and Visual Studies

Modernism and politics in early 20th century Europe, photographic history and theory

University Professor and the Kimberly Jenkins Chair for New Technologies in Society

History of biomedical science, digital archiving, web-based collaborations, text-mining & visualization tools, history of interactive simulations & video games

Esbenshade Professor of the Practice of Visual Arts

Walter H. Annenberg Professor of Art History

History of art criticism, historiography and history of aesthetics, history of sculpture, 19th century French cultural and intellectual history

Professor of Religion and Visual Studies

History of religious visual culture, art history and critical theory, religion and media

Professor of the Practice of Visual Arts

Sculpture, photography, video, video design for theater

John Spencer Bassett Professor of Art and Art History and Dean of Humanities

African American art, African art, art of the United States

Professor of the Practice of Visual Arts and Documentary Studies and Director, MFAEDA

Photography, filmmaking, folklore

Adjunct Professor of Art History and Mary D.B.T. & James Seaman Director, Nasher Museum of Art

Spanish Baroque art

Professor of Visual Studies

Generative poetic systems, interactive art, experimental art, music, installation art, generative computational tools, new forms of computation, recombinant informatics, recombinant poetics

Professor of the Practice of Visual Arts

Printmaking, book art, typography, drawing, graphic design, digital imaging, infographics, mapping, calligraphy

France Family Professor of Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Contemporary global experimental art and theory, destruction in art and trauma studies, artists’ writings, and visual studies

Professor of Art History and Visual Studies

Arts, law & markets, visual & media studies, data analysis of emerging art markets, early modern art

Professor of Art History and Visual Studies

Japanese art, art history, visual studies/visual culture, modern art, history of photography, design history, visual culture of disaster

William B. Hamilton Professor of Art and Art History

Early Christian & Byzantine Architecture, architectural history, medieval architecture, modern architecture, religious visual culture, new technologies for visualizing historical materials

Associate Professors

Associate Professor of Art History

Chinese art, theory & criticism

E. Blake Byrne Associate Professor of Romance Studies and Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Contemporary Latin American art, Mexican visual culture & politics, Latin American modernisms, contemporary urban cultural production in the Americas

Associate Professor of the Practice in Art, Art History and Visual Studies

Associate Research Professor

Drawing, installation art, experimental pedagogy, new media, participatory art, art theory, latin american visual culture

Associate Research Professor

Spatial media, mobile applications, media history, digital humanities, visualization, information science and information studies

Assistant Professors

Assistant Professor of Art History

Early modern architecture, France 1500-1700, history of the profession of architecture

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Cordelia and William Laverack Family Assistant Professor of Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Media; medicine & visual culture; material culture of art history, architecture & archaeology with new modes of representation & visualization

Assistant Professor of the Practice of Visual and Media Arts

3D modeling & animation, motion graphics, graphic design, digital imaging, typography, video design in performance, visualizing historic materials, new media

Lecturers and Visiting Faculty

Visiting Assistant Professor

Lecturer, Arts of the Moving Image

Screenwriting, film studies, directing

Visiting Assistant Professor

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Graduate Assistant

Visiting Assistant Professor

Drawing, art of the comic book and zines, printmaking

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Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice

Visiting Assistant Professor