Pedro Lasch

Associate Research Professor in the Department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies


  • B.F.A., Cooper Union 1999


I see my work as a consecutive set of acts and ideas that complement and interrupt the flow of the everyday. It’s a chain of routine-breaking routines. My role as an artist, researcher, educator, activist, cultural organizer, and producer can be understood as a cohesive whole, which develops within specific social situations and exists within and outside of conventional art settings. Presentations in museums, galleries, and academic contexts represent only a part of my overall production. A preoccupation with the theory and practice of a socially engaged art, which is rooted in daily exchanges, has led me to the formulation of an aesthetics based on public interventions, social interactions, games, and temporal rearrangements. The range of my projects encompasses anti-monuments, language games, artist's books, radio works, lunch events, experimental workshops, events, and activities, as well as more conventional work in the form of installations, video, photography, painting, printmaking, and drawing. Regular participation in the organization and production of cultural and social networks, such as art collectives like 16Beaver Group (NY) and various immigrant grassroots organizations is also a very significant part of my work. The circulation of my work in international circuits is a direct result of an ongoing engagement with the culture of cross-class cosmpolitanism.


Drawing, installation art, experimental pedagogy, new media, participatory art, art theory, latin american visual culture


The provocative three-part project Black Mirror/Espejo Negro by the artist Pedro Lasch encompasses a museum installation, photographs of the installation, and this bilingual... read more »

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Fall 2017

Advanced Visual Practice (ARTSVIS 497S.01)
Sculpture 001, Th 06:15 PM-08:45 PM
Advanced Visual Practice (VMS 497S.01)
Sculpture 001, Th 06:15 PM-08:45 PM

Spring 2017

Senior Capstone in Visual Prac (ARTSVIS 498S.01)
Nasher 119, Th 06:15 PM-08:45 PM

Spring 2016

Special Topics in Visual Arts (ARTSVIS 590S.01)
Smith Wrhs 228, Tu 11:45 AM-02:15 PM
Topics in Visual Studies (VMS 590S.01)
Smith Wrhs 228, Tu 11:45 AM-02:15 PM

Spring 2015

Drawing (ARTSVIS 199.03)
Smith Wrhs 200, Tu 10:20 AM-12:50 PM