Emphasizing the Beauty of the Disproportionate Human Body

Faith Moore

Out of the Darkness Alone.
If there were only possibilities beyond the unthinkable others would rise too.
From the depths of the mind comes the ability to verify.
My eyes.
Your nose.
His lips.
The combination is deadly and to sit idly in its own fluid waiting to be made whole nullifies all hope of floating.
Chained to the bottom…the cadaver stuck in chamber drowning in a sea of others.
It is not your fault.
The ability is a gift one which you were not given from the beginning.
One that was taken from you.
Holding on to each other as we take our last breath.
Crash into the hole.
Broken bodies.
Pounding waves.
A kick to the side.
Our legs remain bound. A doctor could heal us if only he could find us.
That thing that sits idly can heal.
Forever scars on my body. I am the only one to rise from the darkness.

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