Christy Kim

With the rather bipolar and whimsical winter season of early 2014, I am fascinated by the magnificent yet frightening dichotomy of weather. Inspired by the bravura of Mother Nature, I transform my small, yet prolific, studio space into a beautiful disaster, swallowed by the connecting visual movements from the paper dress to the surrounding installation.

Artist's statement: 

Working with a seemingly light and delicate medium, I am motivated to create a contrasting and majestic construct utilizing paper’s most attractive qualities - sharp cuts, folds, and edges. With paper sculptures, it not only provides sharp spaces and shapes but also clean shadows. These qualities provide a central contribution to my visual strategy. Moreover, I have always found beauty in sculptures’ interactions with its surrounding space. With the large-scale extension of the sculpture to the surrounding installations, the encapsulating space is converted into 3-dimensional environmental painting.

Although I had initially intended for my paper dress itself to function as the blank canvas for other creative processes, it instead became the canvas for my very own psyche. Stepping back several times to review the progress of the sculpture, I observed the dress take on an abstract form of my greatest fascination and apprehension – the power of Mother Nature. Although modest as separate elements, the sculpture and the installations together inhabit a space and are responsive to the environment in which it sits. Reactive to the light and encapsulating space, the surface quality of the paper parts will both reflect and absorb the presented energy and come to life.

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