Memento from a Trojan Horse

Pavlo Chubinskiy

I see this work as combining notions of exteriority, interiority, and urbanism so as to explore what references can be drawn from the aspects of the work that create them and what relationships viewers can have to them. The title of the work, Memento From a Trojan Horse, contextualizes the crate as a keepsake taken from the inside of a Trojan Horse used as a ruse in the Greek mythology of the Trojan War, though there is no Trojan Horse proper around for the work to rest in. The top panel of the work is a diorama of a city, situating the work in relationship to a city it must be concealed from by virtue of the Horse’s mythology of needing to be taken inside it. Finally, the sides of the work are furnished with an arsenal of objects that bear specific instructions, directions, or references to a city, situating them in relationship to the diorama panel of the work and the fictions referenced by the work itself.

Media Gallery