Music & Art

Austin Gamble

Music has a profound effect on our emotions. A song can make you feel something, by either acting as a link to a certain memory or just uplifting your spirits through a simple rhythm. And it doesn’t have to be an uplifting song, there can be something found in every song. In developing my project I wanted to bring a visual narrative to music using various artists and songs. If there is one thread that weaves throughout my work , it is the electric guitar. To me it symbolizes not just music but a platform or stairway used to go beyond, what was before. Many of the artists that I admire and a few of the ones I chose to profile in my artwork don’t simply play their instrument but use them as a channel for emotions to flow through.

My work is meant to highlight those many emotions we feel as a song washes over us. Like music, art in various mediums commands our attention on an emotional level. Bringing the two together and creating something of its own is what will be seen of my work.

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