Kathryn Desplanque


PhD, 2017 – Art History
Kathryn Desplanque

Professional title

Post-Doctoral Fellow


UNC Chapel Hill

Kathryn Desplanque will be a postdoctoral fellow in the Art History department at UNC Chapel Hill from 2017 to 2019 as part of the Carolina Program for Faculty Diversity. There, she will work toward the publication of her dissertation, "Art, Commerce, and Caricature: Satirical Images of Artistic Life in Paris, 1750-1850," will work on her second book project, Papermania: The Popular Printed Image and the Nineteenth-Century Consumer, and will continue her involvement in cultural outreach programming to increase access to art practice and appreciation for chronically under-served communities. During the same period, she will serve on NVivo's Research Advisory Board for Digital Humanities.