2020 Graduation With Distinction


The Department is pleased to announce that twelve graduating seniors earned Graduation with Distinction honors in AAHVS this spring, for the following projects:

Paulina Asturias (Visual Arts)
Bridging The Gap Between Latin American Communities
Faculty Advisor: Raquel Salvatella de Prada

Charles Berman (Visual & Media Studies)
Smooth, Mindless Materialism: Visual Representations of Wealth in Urban America
Faculty Advisor: Kristine Stiles

Jessica Chen (Art History)
"Every Contact Leaves a Trace": Nadia Kaabi-Linke’s Transfer Prints, 2008-2016
Faculty Advisors: Paul Jaskot & Kristine Stiles

Cyan DeVeaux (Visual & Media Studies)
SculptAR: Exploring the Potential of Participatory Augmented Reality and Virtual Experiences in the Contemporary Art Museum
Faculty Advisor: Mark Olson

Nonnie Egbuna (Visual & Media Studies)
Poppy: Representations of Black Mental Health on Screen
Faculty Advisor: Joshua Gibson

Sonia Fillipow (Visual & Media Studies)
"For People Who Also Smoke Weed" - Luxury Marijuana Branding: Late Capitalism at Work
Faculty Advisor: Kristine Stiles

Kora Kwok (Visual Arts)
Ocean Room
Faculty Advisor: Stephen Hayes

Sujal Manohar (Visual Arts)
Reflect: Mental Health Experiences at Duke
Faculty Advisor: Pedro Lasch

Paloma Rodney (Visual & Media Studies)
The Architecture of People, Punishment and Labor: A Spatial Analysis of Raleigh’s Central Prison and Its City
Faculty Advisor: Paul Jascot

Ashleigh Smith (Art History)
A Self-Defined Sex Being: Self-Portraiture as Black Feminist Fantasy for the Purpose of Liberation
Faculty Advisor: Jasmine Cobb

Peter Sun (Art History)
The Investment Bank: A Spatial Experience
Faculty Advisor: Annabel Wharton

Margaret Wang (Art History)
Ai Weiwei’s Ton of Tea: Deconstructing Western Responses to a Chinese Work
Faculty Advisor: Stanley Abe