Duke Wired! Lab in Naples

Duke Wired! Lab in Naples

Two members of the department associated with the Wired! Lab for Digital Art History & Visual Culture spoke at a conference in Naples on March 13, 2017: Technology and History of Art. The Reconstruction of the Choir Screen at Santa Chiara.

Caroline Bruzelius, Anne M. Cogan Professor of Art History, participated in the session, “Invisible/Visible. Modeling as a Research Method/Tool,” along with one of our Wired! Lab partners at the Universita di Padova, Prof. Andrea Giordano.


Lucas Giles (MA, ’16) spoke in the session, “From Historical Inquiry to the Creation of a 3D Model,” with two academic exchange students from last semester, Andrea Basso and Elisa Castagna, both of the Universita di Padova. Giles’ master’s thesis in digital art history is about the choir screen at Santa Chiara: "Historic Architecture and Digital Modeling: The Reconstruction of the Choir Screen at Santa Chiara in Naples.”

Participating universities included Duke University, Universita di Napoli Federico II, Universita di Padua, Universita di Naples Suor Orsola Benincasa, Universita di Salerno, and Centro Interuniversitario di Studi Francescani.