Getty Grant for Advanced Institute in Digital Art History


A grant from the Getty Foundation was awarded in support of a 2-year advanced institute in digital art history to be led by principal investigator Victoria Szabo, associate research professor of visual and media studies. The grant is given as part of the Getty Foundation’s Digital Art History Initiative and reflects the confidence of the Foundation in the quality of the project.

The workshop will be co-sponsored by the international Visualizing Venice Consortium, the Duke University Wired! Lab for Digital Art History & Visual Culture, and Venice International University. Faculty and staff from Duke University and the University of Padua will lead the instruction.

The main focus of the proposed workshop activities will be on identifying and addressing key challenges in digital art history scholarship as they occur beyond the startup phase, focusing on the existing or emerging research projects of the workshop participants themselves. The goal within the workshop sequence is to share, critically evaluate, and debate approaches, processes, and workflows that jump-start participating research teams into the next phases of their existing work, and then to support one another in implementing that progress over the course of their time together, as well as through subsequent online/remote collaboration. The end results of the collective work will include both major progress on participant team projects and research on best practices and processes for digital art history scholarship.