Digital Methods and Remote Sensing in Archaeology: Archaeology in the Age of Sensing

Maurizio Forte and Stefano R.L. Campana (Editors)


Springer International Publishing

It is about new perspectives―the views of history possible with Remote Sensing and fostered in part by immersive, interactive 3D and 4D environments discussed in this volume. These perspectives are both the result and the implementation of technological, cultural, and epistemological advances in record keeping, interpretation, and conceptualization. Methodology presented here builds on the current ease and speed in collecting data sets on the scale of the object, site, locality, and landscape.

This book makes a major contribution to understanding the new scope of remote sensing―now defined more broadly as any non-destructive approach to viewing buried antiquities. Forte and his co-editor focus on the many disciplines surrounding archaeology and related cultural studies that are making use of the technological advances.