Book Art: Typography as Image


Investigates use of text as vehicle for communication and visual form within book format. Typography, interaction of writing and page design, history of typography, writing and printed page, use of written form as work of art, book design, binding and how text as visual element interacts with and becomes the image. Prerequisite: Visual Arts 201 preferred. Instructor consent required. One course.

Media Gallery

Katie Simmons: alphabet

Katie Simmons: Manuscript

Kenzie Brown: Manuscript

Kenzie Brown: alphabet

Kenzie Brown: Typographic Self Portrait

Tajj Badil Abish: Typographic Portrait

Tori Bilas: Typographic Self Portrait

Yea Jee Bae: Alphabet

Yea Jee Bae: Manuscript

Kenzie Brown

Tori Bilas presenting typographic portrait project

Judith Leng presenting work to classmates

Blair Langford: Typography- Alphabet

Blair Langford: Manuscript

Blair Langford: Typographic Self Portrait

Gwen Hawkes: Typograpic Self Portrait

Jacqueline Hong: Typographic self portrait

Jaikun Xu: Manuscript

Jaikun Xu: Alphabet