Graphic Design in Motion


Motion Design is the creation of animated graphics using graphic design, typography, advertising, photography, animation sound and filmmaking. Students learn the latest technology such as After Effects and 3D softwares but it is the creative intent that motivates the acquisition of technical capabilities. We will learn how to work collaboratively with other students with different skill sets. Emphasis will be on design, conceptualization and the ability to communicate your ideas. The course enables students to learn the language and principles of graphic design, to develop a method for solving design problems, to communicate ideas effectively and to create professional quality motion design such as title sequences, logo animation, news reel, that can be integrated into film, life performance or web, using the latest technology combining softwares like After Effects, editing software (Premier or Final Cut Pro) and 3D software, and by creating style frames and storyboards. Familiarity with Photoshop and Illustrator is helpful but not required.

The Course Objective is, on the technical side, to gain a clear understanding of Motion Design using Adobe After Effects. To this end, we will become familiar with the program’s interface and the fundamentals of Motion Design techniques. On the creative side, we want to use After Effects as a tool to create pieces of motion with balanced composition, good animation and interesting content.

Instructor consent required. One course.

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