Design Fundamentals


This course introduces the theory and practice of the fundamentals of design. Students explore critical thinking, visual literacy, elements and principles of design, color, composition, typography and other design topics to lay a basic foundation in the visual arts. Through lectures, readings and exercises students gain knowledge of visual concepts and vocabulary, explore formal elements and principles of design, analyze iconic design to understand what makes it great, and experience different physical and digital media. Hands-on assignments will inspire students, and challenge them to explore the practice of design and art, and to work towards successful solutions through experimentation.

Media Gallery

Faith Gowen_pattern

Jahaan Mukhi_pattern

Mackenzie Pluck_pattern

Montana Williams_pattern

Noah Michaud_pattern

Robbie Koech_pattern

Sannan Saleh_pattern

Sarah Yu_pattern

Temur Khamidov_pattern

Jahaan Mukhi_Collage

Mackenzie Pluck_Nemonte Nenquimo

Nigel Sapp

Sarah Yu Sketch

Sarah Yu Collage

Temur Khamidov

B_Faith Gowen

C_Ryan Hill

D_Temur Khamidov

E_Robbie Koech

F_Noah Michaud

G_Jahaan Mukhi

H_MacKenzie Pluck

I_Sannan Saleh

J_Caleb Sanford

K_Nigel Sapp

L_Martin Stoyanov

M_Katherine Tighe

N_Montana Williams

O_Sarah Yu

P_Sarah Yu

Q_Katherine Tighe

R_Martin Stoyanov

S_Caleb Sanford

T_Sannan Saleh

U_Jahaan Mukhi

V_Noah Michaud

W_Temur Khamidov

X_Faith Gowen

Y_Meghan Doyle

Z_Montana Williams

A_Meghan Doyle

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A_Meghan Doyle