VMS 425S.01
Saliot, Anne-Gaelle

Introduces basic principles and central issues of Surrealism investigating its relations with modernism. Examines Surrealist strategies (automatism, hypnosis, collage, found objects), themes (dreams, sexuality, d├ępaysement), and political agendas (Marxism, anti-colonialism, anarchism) across a wide range of verbal sources and visual artefacts and from a variety of angles: its precursors (Sade, Freud, Apollinaire), the practices in the Parisian scene in the 1920s, the European anti-fascist phase, reception of Parisian surrealism in the Caribbean, theoretical reflections by Benjamin and Adorno, the legacies (The Situationist International, May 1968, Pop Art). Conducted in French. Instructor: Saliot

Class Room 1: 
Old Chem 025
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Class Room 2: 
Languages 114B
Class Time 2: 
W 01:25 PM-02:40 PM