Unraveling Paradise: Examining the Mythical Ideal Through Art and Documentary of the Caribbean


The concept of the Caribbean as "paradise" is central to Western conceptions of the Caribbean. This course looks at the origins of the paradise myth throughout the Caribbean at large with special emphasis on the Bahamas. Examines the paradise myth as present through a variety of artistic and documentary media forms, including texts, film, photographs, fine art, poetry, music, and performance. Explores why and how Caribbean paradise myth was created and the ways in which it is perpetrated, and its effects on Caribbean culture, society, and self-understanding in present day. Looks at how present-day art and documentary are working to counter the long-standing paradise-myth narrative.
Curriculum Codes
  • CCI
  • ALP
  • CZ
Cross-Listed As
  • DOCST 336S
  • LATAMER 336S
  • VMS 367S
Typically Offered