Cousins by Katie King

Anxiety. Depression. Addiction. Family. And a conversation that never happened.

Invisible illnesses can be the hardest to talk about. In COUSINS, six first cousins share their relationships with mental health. Positioned within a living room setting, this six screen video installation explores the isolating nature of mental illness and the structures that prevent it from being discussed openly.

Katie King likes the visual and the textual, photographs and stories. In 2013, she graduated from The University of Georgia with an English degree focused on literary theory, composition, and functions of the novel while independently pursuing photography outside of academia. Since, she’s served as the first Digital Services intern for Public Broadcasting Atlanta and WABE 90.1FM, Atlanta’s PBS and NPR stations, worked in Internet Marketing, freelanced as an editor and photographer, traveled as frequently as time and money allowed, and read a lot of books. Her work explores change (self-becoming-other), interdisciplinary approaches to mental health, and the growth-potential and mutability of digital narratives.

Jan. 27 - Feb. 8
Opening reception: Friday, January 27th 4pm-6pm. 

Installation Array, Bay 11, Smith Warehouse, Duke University