Dream of Angels by Nadia Maria Stevens


Born in the suburbs north of New York City, Nadia Stevens was raised by a large Italian-
American family. In addition to being a recent graduate of Duke’s MFA in Experimental
and Documentary Arts program, she received a BFA from the University of North
Carolina at Greensboro, and is an alumna of the New York Arts Practicum; a Brooklynbased
interdisciplinary summer arts institute. Her work has roots in formal documentarystyle
photography, but has grown to encompass additional image-making techniques,
installation, and film. She seeks to unpack the intersections of contemporary American
politics, gender roles, early 20th century immigration, spirituality and folklore; utilizing
the collective lens of her family’s vast and eccentric multimedia archive.

Reception: 3 PM, Thursday, April 20, 2018, Bay 11