Screen/Society--"Autobiography II: Struggle" (2018) | Wu Wenguang | The Memory Project

The Memory Project

Friday, October 25, 2019 - 7:00pm

"Autobiography II: Struggle" (Wu Wenguang, 2018, 65 min, China, Chinese w/ English subtitles, Color, Digital)

"From the moment when my mother disclosed a long kept secret, my birth was accompanied by many struggles for my mother. Those "struggles" include: during pregnancy, "should this child be kept," to the painful struggles in the delivery process. Struggles have also accompanied since I was born, becoming part of my life." (WW)

-- Wu Wenguang in attendance

About The Memory Project:
Wu Wenguang, a foundational figure for Chinese independent documentary film, launched The Memory Project in 2010 to document the gathering of oral histories from the rural survivors of China's Great Famine (1958-1961). Wu and two of his collaborators will be on campus for three nights of film screenings and one night of performance.

Rubenstein Arts Center, Film Theater
Okazaki, Hank