Vorticism: New Perspectives

The London-based avant-garde movement Vorticism, like its continental counterparts Cubism and Futurism and its English rival Bloomsbury was created by artists, poets, writers, and artist-writers, as a project that defied disciplinary boundaries. Vorticism: New Perspectives is the first volume to attend to the full range of the movements innovations, providing investigations into every aspect of the Vorticists artistic production: their avant-garde experiments in print culture, art criticism, theater, poetry, exhibition practice, manifesto writing, literature, sculpture, painting, and photography. The rich and varied essays in this volume constitute a timely and comprehensive reassessment of a key chapter in the history of modernism, and will be of interest to scholars across the full range of the humanities.

Edited by Robert Antliff, Edited by Scott W. Klein Oxford University Press 2013