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African American Literature in Transition

African American Literature in Transition 1800-1830 (Cambridge Press), edited by Jasmine Nichole Cobb, Bacca Foundation Associate Professor, was published in April. Contributors include Jasmine Nichole Cobb, Maurice Wallace, William L. Andrews, Prithi Kanakamedala, Joseph Rezek, Britt Rusert, Bryan Sinche, Teresa Zackodnik, Brigitte Fielder, Stefan Wheelock, Sarah Blackwood, Aston Gonzalez, and Martha J. Cutter.


From Cambridge Press: “African American literature in the years between 1800 and 1830 emerged from significant transitions in the cultural, technological, and political circulation of ideas. Transformations included increased numbers of Black organizations, shifts in the physical mobility of Black peoples, expanded circulation of abolitionist and Black newsprint as well as greater production of Black authored texts and images. The perpetuation of slavery in the early American republic meant that many people of African descent conveyed experiences of bondage or promoted abolition in complex ways, relying on a diverse array of print and illustrative forms. Accordingly, this volume takes a thematic approach to African American literature from 1800 to 1830, exploring Black organizational life before 1830, movement and mobility in African American literature, and print culture in circulation, illustration, and the narrative form.”