Upcoming Semester Courses

Spring 2018 Tentative Course Offerings
Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Visual Arts (ARTSVIS)
Intro to Digital Photography (Staff)
New! Create, Innovate, Act! (Lasch)
Experimental Interface Design (Kutnick)
Drawing (Fick)
Drawing (Lasch)
Figure Drawing (Clippinger)
Intro to Architectural Design (Fischbeck)
Intermediate Painting (Thomas)
Intermediate Painting (Thomas)
Graphic Design in Multimedia (Faber)
Printmaking: Silkscreen (Fick)
The Photobook (O’Brien)
Visual Arts/Arts of the Moving Image Capstone (Seaman)
New! Projections in Time (O’Brien)
New! Expanded Cinema (Kaul)

Art History (ARTHIST)
First-Year Seminar: Ancient Mind (Forte)
Special Topics: Medieval Castles (Triplett)
New! The Museum Object (Wardle)
History of Art Markets (Van Miegroet)
Italian Baroque Art (Huffman)
European Art 1900-1945 (Luse)
African American Art (Powell)
New! Politics and Modern Architecture (Jaskot)
Special Topics: Pop Art in the Americas (Gabara)
History of Impressionism (Antliff)
Museum Internship I (Wardle)
Museum Internship II (Wardle)
New! Body in Art (Caviglia)
New! Art History Methodology and Theory (Antliff)
Honors Thesis Workshop (Galletti)
New! Building Duke (Galletti)
Art and Markets (Van Miegroet)
New! Art and the Holocaust (Jaskot)
Special Topics: How to Research Like an Artist (Gabara)
New! 18th-Century Art and Architecture (Caviglia)
Creative Industries (Van Miegroet)
Nationalism and Visual Culture (McWilliam)
Copies and Duplication (Abe)
Special Topics: Trauma in Art, Literature, Film, & Visual Culture (Stiles)

Visual and Media Studies (VMS)
First-Year Seminar: Visual Culture of Venice (Huffman)
Theories of Visual & Media Studies (Stiles)
Pilgrimage and Tourism (Wharton)
New! Interactive Graphics (Kenney)
Filming Art (Gibson)
Special Topics: Visual Narrative (Sebring)
Visual & Media Studies Capstone (Olson)
Visual & Media Studies Capstone (Triplett)
Live Images (Wharton)
Black Camera (Cobb)
Black Visual Theory (Powell)
Generative Media Authorship (Seaman, Supko)

Historical & Cultural Visualization (HCVIS)
Historical & Cultural Visualization Proseminar 2 (Olson)