de' Barbari Symposium

de' Barbari Symposium
Stories about Venice and de’ Barbari’s Marvelous View of 1500
October 12-13, 2017
Nasher Museum of Art
Duke University
The symposium, "Stories about Venice and de' Barbari’s Marvelous View of 1500,” was held Thursday, October 12, and Friday, October 13, at the 
Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University in conjunction with the Nasher exhibition, "A Portrait of Venice: Jacopo de’Barbari’s View of 1500," curated 
by Kristin L. Huffman, Instructor of Art History in the Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies. The project, part of the Visualizing Venice initiative, 
is the result of multi-disciplinary and collaborative research developed over three years in the Wired! Lab at Duke.
Printed in 1500, this mural-sized woodcut portrays a bird’s eye view of the city that was instantly recognized as a technological and artistic masterpiece, 
a portrait of an urban marvel. For the first time, this exhibition animates the View of Venice with interactive displays that tell the stories of one of the wealthiest, 
most powerful, and greatly admired cities in the early modern world.

The symposium brings together several experts on Early Modern Venice who will discuss de' Barbari and his View of 1500, as well as the city of Venice and its
urban and socio-cultural phenomenon at the time.