Neil Finlay McWilliam

Walter H. Annenberg Professor of Art and Art History in Trinity College of Arts and Sciences


  • Ph.D., University of Oxford (UK) 1985

  • B.A., University of Oxford (UK) 1976


Neil McWilliam received his D.Phil. from the University of Oxford. His publications include Dreams of Happiness. Social Art & the French Left 1830-1850 (with a revised translation in French, 2007) and Monumental Intolerance, Jean Baffier, A Nationalist Sculptor in fin-de-siècle France and A Bibliography of Salon Criticism in Paris from the July Monarchy to the Second Republic 1831-1851 . His research focuses on the visual culture of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century France, and in particular, on public sculpture, the Academy, art criticism, and the inter- relationship between aesthetics and political ideologies during the period. In recent years, McWilliam has published widely on the relationship between conservative politics and the arts in France, exploring the impact of nationalist groupings on artistic production, critical writing and art history in the decades before the First World War. His ongoing interest in the career of Symbolist painter Emile Bernard involves a particular focus on this artist's turn in the 1890s towards a strongly traditionalist artistic practice, and its ramifications for understanding the relationship between tradition and innovation in fin-de-siècle French art.


History of art criticism, historiography and history of aesthetics, history of sculpture, 19th century French cultural and intellectual history


The Aesthetics of Reaction
I am currently completing a study that explores the complex relationship between nationalism, traditionalism and the critique of modern culture in France in the decades... read more »
Nationalism and French Visual Culture, 1870-1914
Between its defeat in the Franco-Prussian War and the outbreak of World War I, France experienced a tremendous rise in populist nationalism, the aftershocks of which can... read more »
Les lettres d'un artiste (1884-1941)
Comprising some 430 letters, this selection of correspondence by the French painter Emile Bernard (1868-1941) highlights one of the most complex and little known artists of... read more »
A Bibliography of Salon Criticism in Paris from the July Monarchy to the Second Republic, 1831-1851: Volume 2
This bibliography provides a source for reviews of the state-sponsored Parisian exhibitions of painting and sculpture (Salons) held during the July Monarchy and Second... read more »
Lines of Attack: Conflicts in Caricature
Lines of Attack raises broad questions about the nature of political caricature by juxtaposing two distinct historical moments in the development of the medium: its emergence... read more »

McWilliam, NF. "Craft, Commerce and the Contradictions of Anti-Capitalism: Reproducing the Applied Art of Jean Baffier." Sculpture and Its Reproductions. Ed. A Hughes and E Ranfft. Reaktion Books, 1997. (Essay)

McWilliam, NF. "Les David du XIXe siècle." Art Criticism and Its Institutions in Nineteenth-century France. Ed. MR Orwicz. Manchester University Press, January 1, 1994. (Essay)

McWilliam, NF. "Why were there no Great Saint-Simonian Artists?." L'art et les révolutions: L'Art et les transformations sociales révolutionnaires. Ed. W Vaughan. Strasbourg: CIHA, 1992. 69-79. (Essay)

McWilliam, NF. "Le Paysan au Salon." La Critique d'art en France, 1850-1900. Ed. JP Bouillon. Université de Saint-Etienne, 1989. 81-94. (Essay)


Spring 2018

Nationalism and Visual Culture (ARTHIST 704S.01)
Smith Wrhs A290, M 03:05 PM-05:35 PM
Nationalism and Visual Culture (VMS 704S.01)
Smith Wrhs A290, M 03:05 PM-05:35 PM

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Exploring Art and Architecture (ARTHIST 104.01)
Nasher 105, TuTh 03:05 PM-04:20 PM

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Methodology of Art Hst (ARTHIST 543S.01)
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The Symbolist Movement (ARTHIST 541S.01)
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Methodology of Art Hst (ARTHIST 543S.01)
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Artist in Film (ARTHIST 350.001)
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Goya and David (ARTHIST 703S.01)
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Artist in Film (VMS 343.001)
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Methodology of Art Hst (ARTHIST 543S.01)
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European Art 1760-1850 (ARTHIST 278.01)
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Nationalism and Visual Culture (ARTHIST 704S.01)
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