Thursday, February 23
Room A266 (Collision Space), Bay 10
Smith Warehouse

Keynote Address (4:30 PM)

“Everything but the Clouds: Digital Art History and Cory Arcangel’s Super Mario Clouds

   Patrick LeMieux
   Assistant Professor, Cinema and Digital Media Program
   University of California, Davis

Friday, February 24
Room A266 (Collision Space), Bay 10
Smith Warehouse

Papers and Presentations

Symposium Papers (2 - 4 PM)

   “The Medium of Contingency”—Contingency of the Medium
   Claudia Marion Stemberger

   Historic Architecture and Digital Modeling: The Reconstruction of

   the Choir Screen at Santa Chiara in Naples
   Lucas Giles
   The Space in Which We Live: Place and Time in
   the Early Christian Catacomb
   Kaylee Alexander

   Nathan Bullock, Moderator

Research Presentations (4:30 – 6:30 PM)

   The Apotheosis of Alan Turing
   Evan Donahue

   Reanimating Etruscan Cities: Visualizing Vulci’s Landscape and

   Urban Context
   Katherine McCusker

Free and open to the public.