Upcoming Semester Courses

Fall 2017 Tentative Course Offerings
Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Art History (ARTHIST)
ARTHIST104      Exploring Art and Architecture (Van Miegroet)
ARTHISTxxx      Pre-Roman Archaeology and the Etruscans (Forte)
ARTHIST231      History of Art Markets (Van Miegroet)
ARTHIST279      European Art 1850-1900 (McWilliam)
ARTHIST285      Modern Architecture (Wharton)
ARTHIST290      Pop Art in the Americas (Gabara)
ARTHIST295      Chinese Art 1900 to the Present (Abe)
ARTHIST378      Chinese Buddhist Art (Abe)
ARTHIST390S      Focus: Renaissance Architecture in Italy (Galletti)
ARTHIST390S      Global Art Since 1945 (Stiles)
ARTHIST543S      Methodology of Art History (Antliff)
ARTHIST547L      Digital Archaeology (Forte)
ARTHIST557S      Trauma in Art, Literature and Film (Stiles)
ARTHIST723S      Thesis Prospectus Writing (Antliff)

Visual Arts (ARTSVIS)
ARTSVIS120      Compositional Painting (McIver)
ARTSVIS199      Drawing (Fick)
ARTSVIS206      Digital Imaging (Salvatella de Prada)
ARTSVIS220      Intermediate Painting (McIver)
ARTSVIS236S      Motion Graphics for Film & Video (Salvatella de Prada)
ARTSVIS497S      Advanced Visual Practice (Lasch)

Historical and Cultural Visualization (HCVIS)
HCVIS580S      Historical and Cultural Visualization Proseminar 1 (Szabo)

Visual & Media Studies (VMS)
VMS202S      Introduction to Visual Culture (Stiles)
VMS340S      Producing Docu-Fiction (Gibson)
VMS346S      Visual Cultures of Medicine (Olson)
VMS535S      Camera Asia (Weisenfeld, Ramaswamy)
VMS553S      From Caricature to Comic Strip (McWilliam)
VMS620S      Models: History and Theory (Wharton)
VM660S      Digital Places and Spaces (Szabo)
VMS713      Computational Media Studio (Olson)