Samantha Stach


AB, 2009 – Art History

Professional title

Audit Supervisor


Tate & Tryon, Washington, DC

How has being an AAHVS graduate from Duke helped shape your professional success?

I am now an accountant, so it does not help me day-to-day in a traditional sense. It did, however, give me exceptionally strong critical thinking skills and an ability to think creatively which is both unique and highly-valued in my profession. My career also requires much more writing than one would assume, and I am certainly a stronger writer than my colleagues. It's also a great talking point during interviews and with colleagues - being an interesting person who hasn't just focused on one thing is valuable!

What advice would you give students in AAHVS?

I would encourage students to spend some time thinking about how their courses and chosen degree program will help them in fields outside of Art/Art History. I could certainly not find a job within this profession back in 2009, and don't think I did as good a job explaining to employers that I am a strong critical thinker, creative thinker, and exceptional writer back them as I do now. Make connections between the intangibles you learn in your degree program and the career you want.