Visual and Media Studies: Cinematic Arts

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This concentration allows students deep engagement in a range of approaches within film studies, moving image history, theory, and practices --  from film/video production, digital imaging to the myriad ways in which time-based media can become an element of mixed media works and installation art in historical and contemporary contexts.

In addition the Cinematic Arts concentration provides students the opportunities, tools and resources needed to develop a career within the media industries, pursue graduate study in the field, or become a media artist.


  • 13 courses
  • Required gateway: (Intro to Visual Culture or Intro to Film Studies)
  • Required theory: (Theories of Visual and Media Studies or Film Theory or Media Theory)
  • Required: Cinematic Arts Capstone
  • Required: four practice courses from a list of approved Cinematic Arts courses
  • Required: two film studies courses from a list of approved Cinematic Arts courses
  • Required: 4 electives with a VMS cross-list; other courses require DUS review and approval
  • Areas of study include film practice, film studies, screenwriting