Art History Major

Art history is the study of works of art in the context of the broader social, political, and intellectual cultures of which they are a part. Studying art history develops your ability to evaluate and organize information, visual as well as verbal; it also enhances your creative imagination, precise observation, clear expression, and critical judgment. As a student of art history, you will acquire a sophisticated understanding of the theory and practice of artistic production and reception.

A major or second major in art history provides you with the training for teaching, museum and gallery work, art publishing and advertising; the major also provides an appropriate background for graduate training in architecture. An art historian's emphasis is on careful observation, the ordering of diverse sorts of information, expository writing, and scholarly research makes it a good general preparation for any profession.


  • 11 courses
  • Areas of study include ancient, medieval, Renaissance/Baroque, modern and non-western art history
  • Foreign language study is recommended