Computational Media: Interdepartmental Minor in Computer Science and Visual and Media Studies

Interdepartmental Major (IDM) and Minor in Computer Science + Visual and Media Studies

Beginning in Fall 2021, the Departments of Art, Art History & Visual Studies and Computer Science will sponsor an interdepartmental major and minor in Computational Media. The interdepartmental major is designed for students who want to combine deep theoretical and critical engagement with art, computation, and culture with substantive engagement with core computer science concepts and principles, undertaken alongside hands-on experience with computational media practice. Students interested in areas such as digital humanities, digital media and algorithmic arts, computer interface and experience design, game studies, digital storytelling and data journalism, information aesthetics, computational media ethics, global media studies and related topics will find the program of interest. The major also encourages participation in collaborative, interdisciplinary projects through the required Technical Project Experience, which may be fulfilled through coursework or participation in a variety of related programs, such as the Computational Media, Arts & Cultures labs, as well as Data+Story+Bass ConnectionsCode+CS+, or another approved project experience. The major is managed by Art, Art History & Visual Studies, in coordination with Computer Science.


The Minor in Computational Media


Minor Requirements: The minor includes two VMS/CMAC practice courses; two VMS/CMAC thematic courses, and one COMPSCI course at the 200-level or above.