Student Funding

Students may find that their projects require funds to cover cost of supplies and materials. We first ask you to reach out to the Undergraduate Research Support Office (URS) which offers various grants, fellowships, and awards to students to help them with academic expenses. Under the ‘Opportunities’ tab, you can select ‘Creative Arts’. This will give you a list of all the funding they offer for arts projects specifically and their corresponding deadlines.

If you are denied money from URS or if your expenses extend past the allotted amount offered by URS, you may apply for up to $ 200.00 from the department. In order to petition for and receive this money, you must provide documentation from URS - either a rejection letter or an award letter. You are also required to provide an accurate budget of the expenses for which you will seek reimbursement (including, clearly marked, the items that will be covered by a URS award if applicable.) Applications can be found below, with your faculty advisor, or in the main office Bay 9, A289.

Funding from either source will only cover expenses for materials and supplies directly associated with the project’s process and final product. Items such as food for assistants will not be accepted in the budget provided. You will be denied or asked to revise your budget if unacceptable items are requested.

Please note that both types of funding, from URS or from the department, are done via reimbursement. No funds can be made available prior to the expenses actually occurring. You should bring their receipts to the main office and will be reimbursed up to the amount awarded.

Deadline for Application for Departmental Funds: March 15th

Deadline to Submit Receipts for Reimbursements: April 15th