Fall 2024 Core Courses

Class Class Title Days & Times Instructor Last
ARTHIST 103D-001 HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE INTRO (Lecture) MW 12:00PM - 12:50PM Galletti, S.
ARTHIST 103D-01D HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE INTRO (Discussion) F 12:00PM - 12:50PM Galletti, S.
ARTHIST 169-01 DOC PHOTO, FILM OF NUCLEAR AGE (Lecture) M 10:05AM - 12:35PM Stiles, K.
ARTHIST 219S-01 THE TOKYO IDEA (Seminar) MW 1:25PM - 2:40PM Weisenfeld, G.
ARTHIST 229-01 ART/ARCH HIST ISLAM 6-13 C (Lecture) MW 4:40PM - 5:55PM Griebeler, A.
ARTHIST 235-01 INTRODUCTION TO MODERN REALISM (Lecture) M 1:25PM - 3:55PM Lucento, A.
ARTHIST 236-01 VISUAL CULTURE LATE ANTIQUITY (Lecture) TuTh 10:05AM - 11:20AM Griebeler, A.
ARTHIST 245S-01 WOMEN IN VIS ARTS, 1400-1800 (Seminar) W 11:45AM - 2:15PM Caviglia, S.
ARTHIST 287-01 EARLY MODERN ARCHITECTURE (Lecture) MW 3:05PM - 4:20PM Galletti, S.
ARTHIST 310-01 MUSEUM PRACTICUM I (Field Studies) Tu 11:45AM - 1:00PM Raimond, E.
ARTHIST 311-01 MUSEUM PRACTICUM II (Field Studies) Internship-style course Raimond, E.
ARTHIST 334-01 ROMAN SPECTACLE (Lecture) TuTh 4:40PM - 5:55PM Dillon, S.
ARTHIST 381S-01 GLOBAL ART SINCE 1945 (Seminar) Th 10:05AM - 12:35PM Stiles, K.
ARTHIST 384-01 ART OF THE US (Lecture) W 11:45AM - 2:15PM Powell, R.
ARTHIST 455S-01 CURATORIAL PRACTICUM (Seminar) Th 1:25PM - 3:55PM McHugh, J.; Werwie, K.
ARTHIST 506S-01 RENAISSANCE ART (Seminar) Tu 1:40PM - 4:10PM Galletti, S.
ARTHIST 543S-01 METHODOLOGY OF ART HST (Seminar) Tu 6:30PM - 9:00PM Wharton, A.
ARTHIST 554S-01 HARLEM RENAISSANCE (Seminar) W 6:15PM - 8:45PM Powell, R.
ARTHIST 581S-01 HIST & CULT VIZ PROSEMINAR 2 (Seminar) Th 10:05AM - 1:05PM Olson, M.
ARTHIST 723S-01 GRANT WRITING AND PROSPECTUS (Seminar) Th 10:05AM - 12:35PM Dillon, S.
ARTHIST 736S-01 THE ART AND POLITICS OF COTTON (Seminar) TuTh 1:25PM - 2:40PM Lucento, A.
ARTHIST 795S-01 MA THESIS WRITING WORKSHOP (Seminar) M 10:05AM - 12:35PM Szabo, V.
ARTSVIS 119S-01 INTRO TO DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY (Seminar) Th 4:40PM - 7:10PM Staff, D.
ARTSVIS 119S-02 INTRO TO DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY (Seminar) W 10:05AM - 12:35PM Staff, D.
ARTSVIS 130-01 EXPERIMENTAL DRAWING (Workshop) Tu 3:05PM - 5:35PM Seaman, W.
ARTSVIS 199-01 DRAWING (Lecture) Tu 1:25PM - 3:55PM Wendell, A.
ARTSVIS 199-02 DRAWING (Lecture) M 3:05PM - 5:35PM Staff, D.
ARTSVIS 205-01/ARTSVIS 605-01 INTERMEDIATE DRAWING (Lecture) M 11:45AM - 2:15PM Fick, W.
ARTSVIS 209-01 3D MODELING AND ANIMATION (Lecture) WF 8:30AM - 9:45AM Salvatella De Prada, R.
ARTSVIS 210-01/ARTSVIS 710-01 SCULPTURE (Lecture) W 1:25PM - 3:55PM Hayes, S.
ARTSVIS 220-01/ARTSVIS 720-01 INTERMEDIATE PAINTING (Lecture) W 3:20PM - 5:50PM McIver, B.
ARTSVIS 223-01 GRAPHIC DESIGN IN MULTIMEDIA (Lecture) F 1:25PM - 3:55PM Staff, D.
ARTSVIS 238-01 DIGITAL PRINTMAKING (Lecture) M 3:05PM - 5:35PM Fick, W.
ARTSVIS 248S-01/CINE 749S-01 CINEMATOGRAPHY (Seminar) M 10:05AM - 12:35PM Milligan, S.
ARTSVIS 320-01 ADVANCED PAINTING (Lecture) Th 3:05PM - 5:35PM Staff, D.
ARTSVIS 368S-01/ARTSVIS 768S-01 THE VIEW CAMERA (Seminar) Tu 3:05PM - 5:35PM Rankin, T.
ARTSVIS 497S-01/ARTSVIS 767S-01 ADVANCED VISUAL PRACTICE (Seminar) W 10:05AM - 12:35PM Hayes, S.
ARTSVIS 510S-01 BODY AS ELECTROCHEMICAL COMP (Seminar) Th 1:40PM - 4:10PM Seaman, W.
CINE 201-01 INTRO TO FILM STUDIES (Lecture) Tu 8:30AM - 11:00AM Cason, F.
CINE 202-01 HISTORY OF DOCUMENTARY FILM (Lecture) Th 1:25PM - 3:55PM Staff, D.
CINE 208S-01/CINE 708S-01 SILENT FILM (Seminar)/THE SILENT FILM (Grad) MW 1:25PM - 2:40PM Whiteside, T.
CINE 210-01 FILM GENRES (Lecture) W 4:40PM - 7:10PM Staff, D.
CINE 211S-01 (5214) AMERICAN FILM COMEDY (Seminar) Tu 11:45AM - 2:15PM Winn, J.
CINE 277S-01 IND. AFRICAN AMERICAN CINEMA (Seminar) W 10:05AM - 12:35PM Cason, F.
CINE 301S-01 MOVING IMAGE PRACTICE (Seminar) Th 4:40PM - 7:10PM Staff, D.
CINE 301S-02 MOVING IMAGE PRACTICE (Seminar) W 8:30AM - 11:00AM Staff, D.
CINE 303S-01/CINE 703S-01 WRITING THE SHORT FILM (Seminar) W 1:25PM - 3:55PM Hawkins, G.
CINE 340S-01 EXPERIMENTAL FILMMAKING (Seminar) Th 10:05AM - 12:35PM Kaul, S.
CINE 350S-01/CINE 750S-01 SOUND FOR FILM AND VIDEO (Seminar) Tu 3:05PM - 5:35PM Sudak, J.
CINE 352S-01 TIME, SPACE AND FILM (Seminar) Th 1:25PM - 3:55PM Gibson, J.
CINE 356S-01/CINE 635S-01 16MM FILM PRODUCTION (Seminar) Tu 1:25PM - 4:25PM Gibson, J.
CINE 357S-01/CINE 757S-01 EDITING FOR FILM AND VIDEO (Seminar) F 1:25PM - 3:55PM Staff, D.
CINE 451S-01/CINE 751S-01 NARRATIVE PROJECTS (Seminar) Tu 11:45AM - 2:15PM Haverkamp, J.
CINE 452S-01/CINE 754S-01 ANIMATION PROJECTS (Seminar) TuTh 11:45AM - 1:00PM Herbert, D.
CMAC 125L-01 FOUNDATIONS IN GAME DESIGN (Lecture) TuTh 6:15PM - 7:30PM Miller, M.
CMAC 270S-01/CMAC 770S-01 IMMERSIVE VIRTUAL WORLDS (Seminar) M 3:05PM - 5:35PM Wendell, A.
CMAC 580S-01 DIGITAL HUMANITIES PROSEM 1 (Seminar) W 3:05PM - 5:35PM Jaskot, P.; Triplett, E.
ISS 110-01 INFORMATION, SOCIETY & CULTURE (Lecture) M 8:30AM - 11:00AM Giugni, A.
ISS 112-01 THE GOOGLIZATION OF KNOWLEDGE (Lecture) TuTh 3:05PM - 4:20PM Daniel, L.
ISS 310S-01 ARCHIVES AS DATA (Seminar) MW 1:25PM - 2:40PM Jacobs, H.
VMS 202D-001 INTRODUCTION TO VISUAL CULTURE (Lecture) M 8:30AM - 9:45AM Staff, D.
VMS 202D-01D INTRODUCTION TO VISUAL CULTURE (Discussion) W 8:30AM - 9:45AM Staff, D.
VMS 202D-02D INTRODUCTION TO VISUAL CULTURE (Discussion) W 8:30AM - 9:45AM Staff, D.
VMS 523S-01 IMAGING A NATION (Seminar) W 3:05PM - 5:35PM Weisenfeld, G.
VMS 558S-01 BUSINESS STRATEGIES FOR ARTS (Seminar) Th 3:05PM - 5:35PM McIver, B.
VMS 565S-01 NEW MEDIA, MEMORY, AND ARCHIVE (Seminar) Tu 1:25PM - 3:55PM Olson, M.