Art History & Visual Arts Major

In addition to offering students the opportunity to major in Art History or Visual Art, for those interested in studying both the history and practice of Art, a joint major is offered.  This major, consisting of fourteen courses, condenses some of the course work needed in the individual majors, providing the student with a deeper understanding and a strong implementation of how practice and history can be joined together in unique interdisciplinary ways. Following the established course requirements in each major, students enroll in a broad range of Art History and studio courses culminating in advanced independent work and capstone experiences.


  • 14 courses
  • Required: Drawing, Exploring Art and Architecture
  • Areas of study include ancient, medieval, Renaissance/Baroque, modern and non-western art history
  • Hands-on practice: film/video/digital, graphic design, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture
  • Independent study is recommended