How to Apply

Your application process to Duke will be done completely through Undergraduate Admissions. For talented students who have made a serious commitment in the Visual Arts by dedicating significant time to creating art, you are encouraged to include a portfolio of recent works as an Artistic Supplement.  The portfolio that you provide should be a cohesive body of work highlighting your talent, skills and ideas. The artistic supplements are divided into two groups: Visual Art, for portfolios including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, book art, conceptual art, digital media and design and Photography, for photo-based portfolios. Visual Arts faculty members will evaluate the Artistic Supplements. If your work is multi-media more than one reviewer will likely look at it.

As you prepare your portfolio for Slideroom, carefully consider both the images that you are submitting and their order.  Focus on cohesive bodies of work that demonstrate your ability to make works in relationship with each other.

Helpful Hints

  • Document your work through high quality photography.  Make sure your image is well lit, focused and centered.
  • Document your image on a blank wall space, where your image can be placed flat against the wall.  Take care if your image is framed, as the reflection in the glass will disrupt the documentation of your image.
  • No text is needed in the image, as it will be taking up space that should be used for your image in the final Slideroom file.
  • Include your most recent imagery, which is the most relevant to us. We want to see your development within a specific thought process or medium, so include images that speak to what you have been doing recently.
  • You will be limited to ten images in your Arts Supplement.  If helpful, included details and/or related works within a slide.  If you choose to include multiple images in a slide, make sure the slide image is well designed and easy to view.  You can of course also just include one image per slide.
  • Think of the order of your images as listening to a piece of music, for you want to have a strong beginning and ending. If relevant to your practice, keep the work that you include consistent in terms of theme/concept and medium.  The flow of your work will lead to its viewing success, so have someone with an “artistic” eye view your overall portfolio prior to submitting it.

Please DO NOT contact the Department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies about the status of your artistic supplement.  Additional information regarding submitting an Arts Supplement with your application can be found at the following websites:

Duke University Undergraduate Admissions

Instructions and Preparation: You will find the link to on this page to upload your materials.

For more information on submitting Visual Art and Photography supplements, please go to the following pages: