Visual Arts Courses

Number Title Codes
ARTSVIS 21 General Art, Studio
ARTSVIS 89S First-Year Seminar
ARTSVIS 101 Book Art: Form and Function ALP
ARTSVIS 107L Fundamentals of Art and Design ALP
ARTSVIS 115S Introduction to Black and White Photography ALP
ARTSVIS 119S Introduction to Digital Photography ALP
ARTSVIS 120 Compositional Painting ALP
ARTSVIS 130 Experimental Drawing: Image and Bit Play ALP
ARTSVIS 135 Experimental Sculpture and Installation Art ALP
ARTSVIS 140 Create, Innovate, Act: Creativity, Innovation, and Social Action ALP
ARTSVIS 171SA Capturing the City: Documentary Photography in Berlin CCI, ALP
ARTSVIS 190FS Topics in Visual Arts
ARTSVIS 198 Experimental Interface Design STS, ALP
ARTSVIS 199 Drawing ALP
ARTSVIS 202 Figure Drawing ALP
ARTSVIS 203 Introduction to Architectural Design ALP
ARTSVIS 204S Medicine and the Vision of Documentary Photography ALP
ARTSVIS 205 Intermediate Drawing R, ALP
ARTSVIS 206 Digital Imaging ALP
ARTSVIS 207S Comics and Zines: History, Theory, and Practice ALP
ARTSVIS 209 3D Modeling and Animation ALP
ARTSVIS 210 Sculpture ALP
ARTSVIS 211 Intermediate Sculpture ALP
ARTSVIS 212FS Digital Documentary Photography: Education, Childhood, and Growth EI, ALP
ARTSVIS 212S Digital Documentary Photography: Education, Childhood, and Growth EI, ALP
ARTSVIS 216S Documentary Photography and the Southern Culture Landscape CCI, ALP
ARTSVIS 220 Intermediate Painting ALP
ARTSVIS 222S The Photographic Portfolio ALP
ARTSVIS 223 Graphic Design in Multimedia: Theory and Practice ALP
ARTSVIS 224 Printmaking: Silkscreen R, ALP
ARTSVIS 226 Printmaking: Relief and Monotype R, ALP
ARTSVIS 229S Experimental Filmmaking ALP
ARTSVIS 232S Small Town USA: Local Collaborations CCI, R, ALP
ARTSVIS 233S Costume Design R, ALP
ARTSVIS 234S Scene Design R, ALP
ARTSVIS 235S Lighting Design R, ALP
ARTSVIS 237 Book Art: Typography as Image ALP
ARTSVIS 238 Digital Printmaking: Exploring Photo Silkscreen and Photoshop ALP
ARTSVIS 240S Color Photography: Fieldwork and Digital Color ALP
ARTSVIS 242L Interactive Graphics: Critical Code ALP, QS
ARTSVIS 248S Cinematography ALP
ARTSVIS 249S The Photobook: History and Practice CCI, ALP, CZ
ARTSVIS 251AS Duke in London: Arts CCI, ALP
ARTSVIS 254S Photography in Context R, ALP
ARTSVIS 264S Puppetry ALP
ARTSVIS 290 Topics in Visual Arts
ARTSVIS 290S Special Topics in the Art of Poster Design and Printing, Practice and Theory ALP
ARTSVIS 291 Individual Project in the Visual Arts
ARTSVIS 295S Arts Entrepreneurship
ARTSVIS 303S Writing the Short Film W, ALP
ARTSVIS 305L Virtual Museums: Theories and Methods of Twenty-First-Century Museums R, STS, ALP
ARTSVIS 312S Documentary Video Production Workshop ALP
ARTSVIS 316S Activating the Archive: Archival Research as Documentary Practice EI, R, ALP
ARTSVIS 317S Movement in Question: Introduction to Critical Dance Studies CCI, R, W, ALP, CZ
ARTSVIS 318S Photo Workshop ALP
ARTSVIS 320 Advanced Painting ALP
ARTSVIS 322S Motion Graphics for Film and Video STS, ALP
ARTSVIS 325S Visiting Filmmaker Master Courses: Special Topics ALP
ARTSVIS 326S Film Animation Production ALP
ARTSVIS 336S Unraveling Paradise: Examining the Mythical Ideal Through Art and Documentary of the Caribbean CCI, ALP, CZ
ARTSVIS 337S Articles of Truth: Creating Culture through Multimedia CCI, ALP
ARTSVIS 340S Producing Docu-Fiction ALP
ARTSVIS 350S Sound for Film and Video ALP
ARTSVIS 352S Documentary Publishing from Gutenberg to the Web: The Vanishing Point Course CCI, R, STS, ALP, SS
ARTSVIS 356S 16mm Film Production ALP
ARTSVIS 357S Multimedia Documentary: Editing, Production, and Publication ALP
ARTSVIS 360A Duke-Administered Study Abroad: Advanced Special Projects in Visual Arts CCI, ALP
ARTSVIS 361S Photographic Memory: Photo Albums, Photobooks, & Zines ALP
ARTSVIS 364S Web Design and Narrative: Artists, Documentarians, Art Historians, and Entrepreneurs R, ALP
ARTSVIS 366S Human Rights and Documentary: Aesthetics, Ethics, History ALP, CZ
ARTSVIS 368S The View Camera: Black and White Large Format Photography ALP
ARTSVIS 371S The Choreographic Mind: Order, Disorder, Organization, Relations CCI, R, ALP, CZ
ARTSVIS 375S Recycled Cinema ALP
ARTSVIS 381S Graphic Design in Motion ALP
ARTSVIS 390S Special Topics in Visual Arts
ARTSVIS 391 Independent Project in the Visual Arts
ARTSVIS 426 Advanced Printmaking: The Printed Installation ALP
ARTSVIS 435 Experimental Sculpture and Installation Art ALP
ARTSVIS 450S Narrative Projects ALP
ARTSVIS 451S Filming Art ALP
ARTSVIS 452S Animation Practice II ALP
ARTSVIS 453S Cinematography II ALP
ARTSVIS 490S Special Topics in the Visual Arts
ARTSVIS 491 Independent Study
ARTSVIS 492 Independent Study
ARTSVIS 495S Honors Thesis Workshop R, W, ALP
ARTSVIS 496S Visual Arts Practice and Cinematic Arts Concentration Senior Capstone ALP
ARTSVIS 497S Advanced Visual Practice ALP
ARTSVIS 498S Senior Capstone in Visual Practice ALP
ARTSVIS 502S Analog Filmmaking and Darkroom Techniques ALP
ARTSVIS 510S (Neosentience) Body as Electrochemical Computer R, STS, ALP, NS
ARTSVIS 515S Representing Architecture: Means and Methods R, ALP
ARTSVIS 554S Experimental Communities CCI, EI, ALP, CZ
ARTSVIS 556S Poverty and the Visual CCI, ALP, CZ
ARTSVIS 558S Business Strategies for the Arts and Artists R
ARTSVIS 564S Physical Computing STS, QS
ARTSVIS 571S Art as Work: Valuing Labor in the Arts CCI, EI, R, ALP, CZ
ARTSVIS 575S Generative Media Authorship - Music, Text & Image ALP
ARTSVIS 590S Special Topics in the Visual Arts
ARTSVIS 599 Bookmaking: The Hand Printed Book R, ALP
ARTSVIS 605 Intermediate Drawing
ARTSVIS 606 Advanced Digital Imaging R, ALP
ARTSVIS 635S Artificial Intelligence application and research in the Arts and Humanities STS, ALP
ARTSVIS 640S Expanded Cinema: Cinema Outside the Movie Theater ALP
ARTSVIS 641SL Narrative Practice in Global Art Cinema CCI, ALP
ARTSVIS 655S The Photographic Portfolio ALP
ARTSVIS 690S Special Topics in the Visual Arts
ARTSVIS 693 Individual Research Independent Study R
ARTSVIS 694 Individual Research Independent Study in the Visual Arts R
ARTSVIS 701 Book Art: Form and Function
ARTSVIS 706 Digital Imaging
ARTSVIS 710 Sculpture
ARTSVIS 720 Intermediate Painting
ARTSVIS 721 Intermediate Sculpture
ARTSVIS 733L Virtual Museums: Theories and Methods of Twenty-First-Century Museums
ARTSVIS 740S Producing Docu-Fiction
ARTSVIS 753S Cinematography II Graduate
ARTSVIS 767S Advanced Visual Practice
ARTSVIS 775S Recycled Cinema
ARTSVIS 790S Special Topics in Visual Arts
ARTSVIS 794L Interactive Graphics: Critical Code
ARTSVIS 850S Deleuze: Cinema and Philosophy