Blue Devil of the Week: Seeing the Vision in Art


Bill Fick has seen where Duke’s arts programs have been and where they’re going.

Lecturing Fellow in the Department of Art, Art History and Visual Studies, Assistant Director for Visual and Studio Arts, Rubenstein Arts Center, Fick attended Duke in the 1980s, where he majored in art. At the time, the department was far from a focal point on campus, both geographically – it was housed in a small building in a far-flung corner of East Campus – and in terms of stature – Fick estimates that the number for art majors at the time was in the single digits.

“There were very few of us,” Fick said. “People took art classes, but the department was just very small.”

After graduating from Duke, earning his masters at UNC-Greensboro and spending eight years enmeshed in the New York arts scene, Fick found his way back to Durham in the mid-2000s and started teaching art classes at Duke.

Soon his role evolved into helping Scott Lindroth, Duke’s Vice Provost for the Arts, coordinate the visual arts installations on campus.

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(Published January 28, 2019 in Working@Duke)