Museum of Clouds


LONDON, Tate Modern — “Museum of Clouds...the first museum gathering of a cloud of artist-filmmakers whose works have shifted the field of artists’ cinema over the last decade.”

Museum of Clouds is a weekend programme of screenings and discussions exploring the films, the contexts, the figures that connected a diverse group of artist-filmmakers working over the last ten years. The series includes works by Gabriel Abrantes, Basma Alsharif, Alexander Carver, Benjamin Crotty, Mati Diop, Beatrice Gibson, Shambhavi Kaul, Laida Lertxundi, Matías Piñeiro, Ben Rivers, Ben Russell, Daniel Schmidt, Ana Vaz and Phillip Warnell, as well as conversations with the artists and with the programmers, writers and producers who have championed their work. Encompassing a dynamic range of visual languages, the programme pays particular attention to approaches to sound, landscape and format in these artists’ works...

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