NEH Digital Humanities Advancement Grant


krakauPaul Jaskot, professor of art, art history and visual studies and director
of the Wired! Lab at Duke, is the joint recipient of a 3-year National
Endowment for the Humanities Digital Humanities Advancement Grant
of $296,455, along with Anne Knowles (University of Maine, Orono)
and Anika Walker (Washington University, St. Louis). Knowles is
project director, with the grant based at the University of Maine, and
Jaskot and Walker are co-project directors.

The grant will fund “The Holocaust Ghettos Project: Reintegrating
Victims and Perpetrators through Places and Events.” The project
involves the creation of a spatial model of 1,400 Jewish ghettos during
the Holocaust that maps the locations of victims and perpetrators and
extracts content from interviews about the experience of living in
ghettos, allowing scholars to analyze the relationships between
perpetrators and victims using geospatial methods. For Jaskot, the
grant will support his research on Krakow and the German
construction industry from World War I through the Holocaust.