New Faculty Publication

Tom Rankin and Jill McCorkle, Goat Light (Horse & Buggy Press, 2021)

This fine press book is an aesthetically rich celebration of a special plot of land shared by Tom and Jill (along with a bevy of goats and other animals) for over a decade in the heart of the North Carolina Piedmont region. This 96-page book has a pub date of 2021, but we have just received finished books from the bindery and copies are available for purchase now. The book weaves together photographs and essays — specifically Tom’s large format black and white photography, his everyday cellphone color snapshots, and essays by both Tom and the award-winning novelist Jill McCorkle (who normally would be traveling the country right now on a reading tour for her most recent novel Hieroglyphics

The writings touch on timeless themes, some revealing themselves as especially prescient and poignant in these challenging Covid-inflected days that remind us of the sacredness of home, the importance of light at the golden hour as a cathartic tonic, and the intimacy of tending to and raising animals. Special moments of all seasons are brought to light and the printed pages become a gallery of sorts as turning the pages reveals the beauty of a special place and the patterns of life at Goat Light.