Van Gogh Fellow


Neil McWilliam will be the Van Gogh Museum Visiting Fellow in the History of 19th Century Art at the Van Gogh Museum and the University of Amsterdam in June 2019. He will be leading a seminar on Tradition and Identity: The Nation in 19th-Century Art.

The aim of the Van Gogh Fellow’s seminar is to provide MA students with the opportunity to study a single yet wide-ranging subject in nineteenth-century art through an intensive one-week workshop taught by a leading scholar in the field and supported by the Van Gogh Museum. The seminar will introduce students to important issues in the study of nineteenth-century art and provide an impulse for further research. Its aim is to encourage interest in various aspects of the discipline, and to provide students not only with factual information, but more importantly with new methodological and theoretical perspectives on this important period in the history of art.

(image: F. Gillet, Rembrandt Painting the Syndics,1898, formerly on the south façade of the Rijksmuseum.)