Condensation by Michael Snow

Condensation by Michael Snow
Condensation by Michael Snow

Condensation (A Cove Story) by Michael Snow

February 13 – March 3, 2017

Friday, February 17, 2017
4 PM
Bay 11, Smith Warehouse

The title from Condensation (A Cove Story) refers to the temporal compression implied in image acceleration. In Snow’s words, “This work is a temporally compressed, condensed recording of several weather-events which took place on and near a wild landscape in the Canadian Maritimes”. The piece provides a way to understand the camera not as a capturing device, which registers prepared stories and settings, but rather as an instrument whose own particularities and possibilities are the main issue at play.

Similar to other consecrated works such as Wavelength (1966-67) or La Région Centrale (1971), the images serve as the trace of an invisible yet implied installation: a camera left alone at a site. We witness what seems to be an operator-less recording, where the camera functions as a tool, which affects and transforms the visible while capturing it.

Condensation (A Cove Story) transmits the spontaneous dialogue between the landscape and the camera which results in a sequence of images that speak about their progressive transformation to a third party, the public, that takes place in the space of art.

The Installation Array is a new space for multi-media art installations by students and faculty. It is located on the second floor of Bay 11 in Smith Warehouse.