Creative Cartography: Art and Science, Culture and Nature


Students learn how maps and map-making has always existed in a contentious position between art & science, culture & nature. Course combines discussion of readings on critical cartography, data visualization, and Historical GIS (HGIS) w/ hands-on tutorials in ArcGIS, Adobe Illustrator, and analog drawing. Labs, final projects emphasize how the form of a map (and all its inherent presumptions of accuracy, reality, and precision) can be manipulated to make art that tells new stories about people, places, and things that run counter to dominant narratives. Prior experience w/ vector-based design software and/or GIS recommended, not required. Grad section: discussion lead, tutorials, exhibition.
Cross-Listed As
  • ARTSVIS 719S
  • CMAC 719S
  • ISS 719S
Typically Offered
Spring Only