D910 by Ja-Young Ku

Title: D910
Year: 2017
Material: Custom software, HD projector, computer
Installation Array
Smith Warehouse

Ja-Young Ku
Konkuk University

<D910> is an interactive media work that draws hundreds of lines, all connected, floating around in a virtual space augmented in the image of actual exhibition space. Viewer’s image is separated into two in time, which can then interact with the lines in real time.
Ja-Young Ku explores the relationship between the real and the virtual along with time conception in interactive media environment. He has had solo exhibitions in Korea and the USA and has participated in group exhibitions throughout Asia, Europe and the USA including Ilmin Museum of Art in Seoul, Queens Museum of Art in New York, and Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester among others. He lives and works in Seoul, South Korea, where he is Professor of Contemporary Art at Konkuk University.