Upcoming Semester Courses

Fall 2020 Courses

Visual Arts (ARTSVIS)

119S—Intro to Digital Photography (TBD)
120—Compositional Painting (B. McIver)
130—Experimental Drawing (W. Seaman)
199—Drawing (S. Hayes)
205—Intermediate Drawing (W. Fick)
206—Digital Imaging (A. Wendell)
210—Sculpture (S. Hayes)
226—Printmaking: Relief & Monotype (W. Fick)
281S—Motion Design (R. Salvatella de Prada)
320—Advanced Painting (B. McIver)
390S—Special Topics in Visual Arts: Arts & the Anthropocene (R. Salvatella de Prada)
497S—Advanced Visual Practice (S. Kaul)
564S—Physical Computing (J. McDonald)
605—Intermediate Drawing (W. Fick)
706—Digital Imaging (A. Wendell)

Art History (ARTHIST)

89S.01—First-Year Seminar: Visual Culture of Venice (K. Huffman)
103—Intro to History of Architecture (S. Galletti)
220—Museum Theory & Practice (J. McHugh)
231—History of Art Markets (H. Van Miegroet)
232—Japanese Art, 1600-Present (TBD)
283—African American Art (R. Powell)
286D—Contemporary Architecture (A. Wharton)
298—History of Impressionism (A. Clark)
305L—Virtual Museums (M. Forte)
310—Museum Practicum I (E. Raimond)
311—Museum Practicum II (E. Raimond)
315—Mapping History with GIS (T. Shea)
543S—Methodology of Art History (A. Wharton)
590S-9—Topics: Joseph Beuys & The Formation of the Contemporary in Art (K. Stiles)
715S—Outsiders & Insiders (R. Powell)
723S—Grant Writing & Prospectus (S. Dillon)
726—Museum Theory & Practice (J. McHugh)
728S—Architectural Theory (S. Galletti)

Visual & Media Studies (VMS)

89S—First-Year Seminar: Public Art - Monuments, Murals, Graffiti and More (E. Gabara)
198—Experimental Interface Design (W. Seaman)
202D—Intro to Visual Culture (M. Symuleski)
266—Media History: Old and New (V. Szabo)
346S—Visual Cultures of Medicine (J. Odendahl-James)
362S—16MM Film Production (J. Gibson)
363S—Time, Space and Film (J. Gibson)
366L—Data Visualization (F. Leunissen)
505S—Visual Studies from the Global South (E. Gabara)
590S—Topics in Visual Studies: Computational Aesthetics (A. Wendell)

Historical & Cultural Visualization (HCVIS)

580S—Proseminar I (V. Szabo)


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